Real Estate Building on New Media Opportunities

Hospital Placed Media Presents a Target Audience for Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Specialist, Carol Dorey mentioned, “We are always looking for new ways to reach potential clients in the Lehigh Valley, particularly within the medical circuit. Innovare reached out to us about an opportunity to advertise on-screens at multiple St. Luke’s locations and we jumped at the opportunity to partner with a renowned health system. Working with the team at Innovare has allowed us to seamlessly and effectively reach our desired clientele.”

“Advertisers continue to fine tune their planning with an increased focus on the right audience,” Jon O’Dowd at Innovare commented.  “With the targeted local demographics at the hospital, businesses can segment their campaigns to reach healthcare professionals as well as visitors and patients at their local hospital.  Considering the growth Hospital Placed Media has experienced, the trend is very encouraging giving more advertisers access to a highly valuable audience,” O’Dowd added.