Credit Unions Invest in Hospital Placed Media






To Whom it May Concern,

UMassFive knows that when a community comes together, great things happen. That’s why we are dedicated to not only serving our members, but the community we all live in. Therefore, when Innovare contacted us about the Community Showcase Display Program at Mercy Medical Center, we were very interested. With a local branch right on the hospital’s campus, spreading the word about the mission of the Credit Union to all who work, visit, and get treatment here is vitally important to us.

Originally, UMassFive participated in the advertising program in 2016 for a 72-month commitment in digital and static locations throughout the hospital. We were comfortable with this because we knew this is our target audience, and we were looking for additional ways to help continue to grow our membership. In 2022, we doubled down for an 84-month commitment, having seen success in advertising through the Community Showcase Display Program to help us achieve our goal.

Innovare has brought UMassFive a tremendous audience at the hospital. Since we cherish our relationship with the those that work here, as well as the greater community, what better location could we spend our marketing budget?! Innovare has been wonderful to work with and we would recommend them to other credit unions and businesses who are looking for a great community-based audience and a way to connect with them.

Kind regards,



Craig Boivin
VP of Marketing


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