OOH – Going Strong

The Out-Of-Home segment of the media industry is a $7 billion dollar market and one of the fastest growing segments.  It is led by outdoor advertising but includes transit advertising, arena/stadium advertising, mall advertising, in store advertising, and airport advertising.  The media location is often focused on specific, highly attractive, target demographics or psychographic audiences.  Historically, Out-Of-Home has been the most cost effective media (lowest cost per thousand audience impressions – CPM) of the major media alternatives.  Audience counts continue to increase and CPM efficiency continues to strengthen for this media type.

CPM Comparison of Major Media


Innovare within OOH

Innovare Medical Media, launched in early 2011, has begun to thrive in the United State Out-of-home advertising segment.  With Superior Niche Demographics existing in the Medical Staff, Administration, Employees, and High-Income Healthcare Users (Patients and Visitors), Innovare has a unique audience with maximum buying potential.  Bluntly, there are more household incomes in excess of $100,000 that exist at the Hospital.  Innovare’s hospital venues are designed to allow marketers to reach this demographic audience on a daily basis.

Leading local, regional and national business marketing dollars have found our niche venue as an excellent investment.