40 New Locations on the Way!

Innovare Medical Media in now launching over 40 new locations in various markets throughout the country! Some will help us expand our presence where we already have had success such as NY, NJ, VA, and TN while others will be in new markets such as GA, MN, ID and other areas of TX and FL.

Hospital Placed Media is soaring to new heights in 2023!

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Out of Home Advertising up 11% in Q3 2022

WASHINGTON D.C. (December 5, 2022) – Out of home (OOH) advertising revenue increased 11 percent in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the previous year, accounting for $1.94 billion, based on figures released by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA). Digital OOH continues to power overall OOH growth as the segment jumped 14 percent compared to Q3 2021. For 2022 year-to-date, OOH is up 25.7 percent and comparable with the historical YTD high set in 2019 at $6.4 billion.

“This strong growth is a direct reflection of the value marketers place on the medium and its benefits,” said Anna Bager, President and CEO, OAAA. “Key sectors are increasingly investing more dollars – in particular, political spending in out of home hit record highs. It confirms OOH’s ability to effectively reach audiences at national and local levels and is surely a harbinger of more momentum to come.”

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Ballad Health Expands with Innovare

3 New Tennessee Hospitals Receive Free Innovare Charging Solutions

Ballad Health recently expanded its partnership with Innovare Medical Media to include Johnson City Medical Center and Franklin Woods Community Hospital. These facilities reside in Johnson City, TN, as well as Indian Path Community Hospital in Kingsport, TN.  This comes on the heels of successful launches with Ballad Hospitals; Bristol Regional Medical Center and Holston Valley Medical Center in 2018. Innovare’s success at these initial programs has propelled the expansion into these facilities. 

The Innovare Community Showcase Program will allow local and regional businesses to market towards valuable audiences at these hospitals which include: healthcare professionals, visitors, and patients. These hospitals are the greatest economic engines of their communities and are an ideal place to reach the local and regional community buying power. In addition, healthcare in America is growing exponentially with the February 2020 job growth showing 54,000 new jobs in health services, the fastest-growing category. 

Nick Lieberman, Innovare partner and lead on the project, notes “after having incredible success with Ballad Health in Bristol and Kingsport where businesses have already invested over a half-million dollars, we are excited to continue to grow and enhance these new programs.  Innovare will be introducing 5 brand new mobile phone charging stations coupled with large format LCDs to display local and regional community business messages. 

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Out of Home Digital Media Wins as Newspapers Falter

Innovare is Leading the Way to Have More Eyes on Your Brand

Innovare Medical Media has successfully built the Hospital Placed Media (HPM) platform in leading markets throughout the country.  HPM is one of the most rapidly growing avenues of advertising that your business will want to take advantage of. In recent years, marketing teams have jumped ship on traditional avenues of advertising like radio and newspapers. They are replacing it with more effective, impactful,  and affordable ventures like targeted media-based advertising. 

Why Visual and Media-Based Advertising Wins Every Time

Billboard Insider claims that when it comes to choosing between radio or billboard advertising opportunities, the answer is easy. “The obvious difference is that billboards offer sight, and a picture tells a thousand words.” According to their studies, a visual advertisement is shown to drive revenue that is more than double of what a radio ad would provide. 

A business will have more opportunity to tell their story to potential customers by implementing a visual and informative advertisement. When it comes to a billboard or media-based marketing like Hospital Placed Media, businesses can effectively segment their content.  This is ideal to select critical placement to reach the right target audience and decide the best frequency and duration of the ad to increase its overall effectiveness and maximize their investment. 

Even billionaire investor, Warren Buffett is giving up on newspapers, and at the end of January 2020, it was announced that Buffet sold his portfolio of 31 local newspapers. The fact that he is selling his investment for less than what he originally paid for speaks to the lack of influence that more traditional media holds. These forms of advertising are often more expensive and offer a smaller window of run time. Media-based and visual advertising opportunities typically contain a longer run time and offer more versatility, which decreases your business’ cost per exposure and thus increases the return on investment.   

How Can You Gain this Control?

Innovare offers complete control over your advertising by allowing your business to target your ideal target audience. Our studies and customer reports have shown that through Hospital Placed Media, Innovare has helped provide companies control over their advertisements and gain a return on investment in a niche market. This far outweighs the benefits of more traditional, old-fashioned media placement such as radio, newspaper, or tv.

Hospital Placed Media is growing at an astonishing rate. You should feel great about the audience, the demographics, the value that Hospital Placed Media can bring to your business. How is your business taking advantage of visual marketing in 2020? With opportunities coast-to-coast, Innovare’s nationwide Hospital Placed Media Platform can help your business today.  

Hospital Placed Media is Driving New Customers to Auto Dealerships 


Innovare Medical Media has pioneered the location-based media segment by establishing strategically placed digital ads on hospital campuses. This advertising opportunity has demonstrated the explosive potential to reach a highly valued targeted audience with superior demographics to traditional media.  

Innovare customer, Ray Catena of Union, noticed a significant spike in traffic by utilizing the Innovare marketing platform. Typically, auto dealerships spend a large percentage of their budgets on billboard and online campaigns Now, with Hospital Placed Media (HPM) providing a new medium for targeted marketing with individuals that can afford to buy or lease a new vehicle, auto dealerships are shifting their spending. Ray Catena was searching for a new audience for their marketing campaigns, being in an ultra-competitive environment, where choice is abundant, it was crucial to seek out innovative media opportunities and minimize wasteful spending to stay ahead of the competition. 

Sue Hengstler, Controller at Ray Catena of Union commented, “we have been thrilled with the results and have noticed a direct impact on our business with an increase in customers.” 

The Why

Hospital Placed Media offers an ideal platform that enables businesses to reach high-end target audiences strategically. High-household income, great age, and education demographics, including healthcare professionals and administrators, have savvy marketers investing in HPM more and more.

The Results

Since this partnership, Ray Catena has gone on to partner with two additional hospitals in New Jersey and has been running various successful campaigns for the past six years. Knowing the hospital audience is growing and becoming more and more valuable, it was a no-brainer to lock in the space ahead of the competition. Sue continued to comment, “The high-end physicians, employer staff, visitors, and patients that the hospital retains are an extremely attractive audience for our dealership to constantly appeal to. In addition, unlike other mediums, the large hospital represents a localized (30-mile radius), impactful demographic that is our ideal target market.”

How is your business taking advantage of innovative marketing in 2020? With opportunities coast-to-coast, Innovare’s nationwide Hospital Placed Media Platform can help your business today. 

Top Colleges and Universities Investing in Hospital Placed Media

As one of the fastest-growing media segments on the planet, Hospital Placed Media growth continues to soar in 2020. 

Colleges and universities are being strategic in their marketing and advertising plans to feature specific campaigns to their target audience.  Duke University and The Ohio State are among the newest to successfully leverage hospital placed media to promote their Colleges of Nursing. These initiatives have content focused on RN, MSN, Doctor of Nursing Practice, as well as Master of Healthcare Innovation programs.

With streaming radio and people turning to podcasts, the traditional radio audience is eroding.  Innovare Sales Manager, Jon O’Dowd commented, “savvy marketers are turning to new, unconventional media opportunities to reach their ideal audience.  At Innovare, we are excited to be at the forefront of the trend and happy to be supporting colleges and universities with an ideal media placement.”

For more information on how your program can take advantage of hospital placed media, contact us today!


Hospitals Are Controlling Content in 2020

Hospitals typically struggle with advertising content on live TV being displayed on their campuses. Whether it’s in the waiting room or cafeteria, mainstream news channels run content that hospitals have zero control over. Recently, hospitals have been finding the value in being able to monitor and control the messaging visible to their key audience. The control and content management with advertisers that a hospital decides to partner with is a game-changer.

In 2020, hospitals now have the opportunity to work with industries and ads that are relevant to their patients and employees. Innovare offers a unique experience with digital charging stations that not only provide a convenience for your patients, visitors, and employees but also give them relevant information. The hospital has 100% control over which advertisers participate. Innovare offers hospitals the opportunity to partner with local, regional, and national businesses that are relevant to their industry. Colleges and Universities are one of the nation’s leading investors in Hospital Placed Media. Many promote degree opportunities such as RN, BSN, MSN, and MBA programs for continued education and training for doctors and nurses.

Take back control over the ads your employees and patients are being exposed to in 2020! Innovare will partner with you to ensure the best possible experience for your charging station users from when they first plug in their phone to the moment they leave with new and relevant information.

How is your facility taking back control over ad placements in 2020? Contact Innovare today to learn more about how you can claim that freedom.

9 new Hospitals in Arizona Jump On Board with Innovare!

Innovare enters the Phoenix and Tucson Market

Innovare Medical Media just finished installing nine brand new Hospital Placed Media programs in the Phoenix and Tucson Market. This brings Innovare’s total installed programs to 32 in 2019. We are excited to cultivate these relationships in 2020 and continue to grow beyond our current success.

With overwhelming support from leading and local businesses who have chosen to invest in our 60 locations, the market has experienced a successful launch and is still growing! These clients understand the value of getting their products and services in front of healthcare professionals, visitors & patients. Our 2 Tucson hospital opportunities have already sold out, and there is limited inventory available in the 7 of the Phoenix-area hospitals.

To learn more about Hospital Placed Media (HPM) opportunities, call us at 866.887.2207!

3 Ways to Make Your Waiting Room Better in 2020

Hospitals across the country are making strides in attempting to make their facilities more comfortable for their patients and staff. While most hospitals often feel cold and sterile due to the heavy regulations placed upon their operations guidelines, there are simple ways to improve on the environment of a hospital and make it a less-stressful experience for patients. 

East Meets West 

One of the most natural changes a hospital can make is switching out its current music for something more calming. Many studies have shown that the right mood music can improve blood flow in ways similar to statins, lower one’s levels of stress-related hormones like cortisol, and ease pain. Something as simple as adding a calming playlist to the sound system can help patients, and their families stay calm during a presumably stressful visit to the hospital. 

Technology Juicers 

There is nothing worse than being out and having a cell phone or device run out of battery. Having the same thing happen in a hospital is even worse – between attempting to keep friends and family updated or trying to kill time while waiting for the doctor, having a full battery is vital to keep stress levels down. A simple way to eliminate this stressor is by partnering with Innovare to have a charging station installed in your hospital waiting room. Not only will this allow for your guests and staff members to charge their phone free of charge, but your facility can also utilize its top of the line LED screen to showcase marketing materials for the hospital as well as local businesses. 

Here Comes the Sun (Sort Of) 

A final way to deflate the stress levels in your hospital is to invest in the ambiance of your waiting and patient rooms. Hospital blue(s) have been in business for far too long, and it can often leave a cold impression for most guests. By balancing those colors with some warmth, like neutrals, beautiful beiges, warm wood tones in the paint colors, and furniture choices, it can help improve moods and make the patients feel more at home. The more comfortable a patient is in a facility, the less stressful they will feel. 

How is your hospital taking steps to make patients feel more at home in your facilities? With opportunities coast-to-coast, Innovare’s nationwide services can help your hospital today. 

Innovare has reached $3,000,000 in Hospital contributions!

Innovare’s Win–Win–Win Scenario

Innovare Medical Media recently announced that its program has contributed over $3 million to its hospital partners.  From the launch of the business in 2011, Innovare’s goal was always to contribute to the success of Hospitals in a meaningful way.  Innovare established a no cost Win–Win–Win economic model so that hospitals receive 1). Free mobile charging stations, 2). Free Hospital Marketing Opportunities, and 3). Free Revenue. This “free revenue” has become a significant income stream for our hospital partners. 

As a founding partner, Mike Ricciardi has seen the impact of these revenue streams to hospitals. He said that “some hospitals have allocated thousands of dollars to their charitable foundations, others have put resources toward employee benefits, and still others have devoted resources to innovative marketing opportunities. Innovare’s hope is that the contributions continue to make a meaningful difference.”

Hospitals that have embraced these entrepreneurial opportunities have been attracted to the no-cost model.  Innovare increased its hospital partnerships by almost 40% in 2019 and is now partnering with over 125 hospitals. Innovare expects continued rapid growth in 2020 and launch spots are filling up fast. If your hospital is missing out on this triple win partnership, please contact us so we can send you more information on how to maximize your hospital’s marketing potential. 

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